🖤 Trans Prom 🖤

Trans Prom attendees, photographed in front of the U.S. Capitol, in collaboration with THEM.

On May 22, 2023, over 50 trans and nonbinary youth from at least 18 states gathered in front the U.S. Capitol with their birth and chosen families, including over 50 trans and nonbinary adults, to throw the party and issue a manifesto. While the country regressively debates the contours of gender-affirming healthcare and the validity of trans people, we collectively made the decision not to entertain those debates and instead celebrate our powerful lineages of resistance. As we move into the even more deadly and toxic discourse of the presidential primary season, Trans Prom was designed to be a reminder and an anchor.
- Chase Strangio

Pictured: Michael J., 15, New York; Gigi, 13, Arizona; Niko, 12, California; Hen, 9; Orian, 14, Maryland; Libby, 13, Texas.